If you are descended from Daniel Doyle and Anne Carbery of County Westmeath (1800s),
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About The Clan

Artist: Jim Fitzpatrick

Today most people have "family" names or surnames which enable them to trace their ancestors back for generations, or longer if there are adequate records, to a particular part of the world.

However there are only a few who find there is a living and active organisation of their own kinfolk representing all strands of the family, wherever they may be located, waiting to welcome them.

The Clann O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle exists to continue to carry out its traditional functions and to perpetuate the Irish-Viking heritage in the changing conditions of modern society. The Clan also provides an organisation structure through which members can get together for social purposes, to celebrate Irish Feast Days and have the Clan represented at Irish & Celtic Gatherings and Festivals. It fosters a sense of kinship between Doyle clan people all over the world, and encourages interest in the history, arts, literature, music, customs, and traditions of the Doyles who have descended from Ireland. The Clan collects genealogies and family traditions of its members & supporters and provides a permanent repository for records, relics and material associated with the Clan for mutual benefit.

The Patron Saint of Clann O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle is Saint Patrick.

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Following the historic Celtic tradition, the Clan Council has arranged for the production of a Clan  Badge (incorporating a Crest within a strap and buckle design) for exclusive use by the Clann O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle  members and supporters. Because of the exclusive nature of the Clan Badge it will not be available to the public by general sale and can only be obtained directly from:- The Clan Standard Bearer, P.O. Box 173, Dromana Victoria 3936, Australia.

The Clan presents Certificates of Excellence to Doyles who excel in Irish dancing and singing, for excellence on the Irish bagpipes, and for excellence in performing with the fiddle and the Irish flute. The Clan also presents Certificates of Merit to recognise achievements in other fields of endeavour.

The O DubhGhaill/Doyle Clan Gathering is convened on special occasions at Wexford Town, County Wexford in Ireland. Details are available to all supporters and members of the Clan O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle .

The Clan Council has formally registered the O DubhGhaill/Doyle Celtic Tartan.

The O DubhGhaill/Doyle Tartan is now available exclusively through the Clan Office, but only to supporters and members of the Clan, from:

The Clan Standard Bearer
P.O. Box 173
Dromana Victoria 3936

An interesting range of memorabilia and various accessories all featuring the Clan Badge and/or Doyle Tartan is also available. A list of the full range of O DubhGhaill/Doyle  memorabilia and gifts that is available may be obtained only by accepted Supporters and Life Members of the Clan, from:

The Clan Standard Bearer, P.O. Box 173, Dromana Victoria 3936, Australia.

A Clann O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle  Genealogist has been appointed. The Clan Genealogist is resident in Wexford Town, County Wexford in Ireland. The Clan Office forwards genealogy inquiries from members and supporters of the Clann O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle from all parts of the world to the Clan Genealogist, who will then contact the individual Clan member directly. The Clan Genealogist is highly respected for his expertise in Irish family history, and the rates charged for research done for Clann O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle  members and supporters are quite reasonable.




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