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Liliana Susana Doyle
Clann Bard for the DubhGhaill-Doyle Diaspora


Born on 6th of January 1951 at San Fernando, in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Liliana is descended from 19th Century Irish-settlers (Doyle and Gaynor) who established successful sheep and cattle ranches in the districts to the north of Buenos Aires. Liliana has four children; Javier, George, Vera, and Clara; two 

daughters-in-law, Natalia and Laura; one grand-daughter, Valentina; and one grand-son, Dante. She still lives in San Fernando.

Liliana has served her community as Secondary, Normal and Special Professor of Literature of the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature at the University of Buenos Aires; as facilitator of workshops of Oral and Written Expression and of Literature and Folklore; and has been recognized with the award of Superior Diploma of Capacity in the Argentine Association of English Culture. She has served as President of SADE Delta of Buenos Aires (a chapter of the Argentine Society of Writers). Liliana is also a member of the Circle of Writers of San Fernando; Atilio Betti; and SADE Delta (SADE = Argentina Society of Writers). Her poems have been broadcast on Radio Splendid and Radio City Council of Buenos Aires. Liliana has also been published in the Irish newspaper of Argentina, The Southern Cross (the oldest Irish publication outside Ireland). She has frequently served as a literary judge for short stories and poetry competitions; and Liliana has also published, designed, and co-edited the San Fernando Poetry magazine. Liliana debuted as Author-singer at the National Library in Buenos Aires. She belongs to The Voice of International Written Word, presided over by the famous Alicia Rossell at Bilbao in Spain; and has contributed to the on-line magazine Artecolor Internacional, under direction of another famous Latin-American writer, Alondra Gutierrez in Costa Rica. She also forms part of the International Organization Poets of the World United for Peace.

Carlos E. Urquia published Liliana’s first poem in the San Fernando Club Magazine during 1974. Her first poem for a book was published in an edition of Poets´ Club in 1978. Since 1978, she has been published in more than fifty collections of poetry, short stories, and children’s literature: among them; selections of prize-winning short stories in AVON Contests, Carlos Pereiro Editor and Ediciones del Dock, Plaza de los Poetas (‘Poets Square’); Jose Pedroni, in Santa Fe; Editorial Publicaciones Latinas Bahia Blanca, Editorial Libros de America; SADE Delta Editions; Quemar las naves ( ‘To burn the ships’) from Formosa; Antologia Sanfernandina de Poesia 1980; and the commemorative book for the Bicentennary of San Fernando, etc.

Liliana has received Local, National and International Prizes: including such as the Juegos Florales Juglarescos (Bards’ contests); the Jose Pedroni Prize in Santa Fe; First prize at the 1981 International Contest in Warsaw Poland; Pablo Neruda Special Mention in the 1991 Argentinean-Chilean Bi-National Contest; two Mentions in 1994 AVON short stories contest, etc.

In 2001, Liliana undertook the government review and evaluation of the quality and standards of education for the Province of Buenos Aires.

In 2005, she was a member of the judges panel for the Bicentenary of San Fernando contest for young writers of novels and short stories.

In 2007 at Buenos Aires, Liliana was appointed to the Round Table organized by well-known author, John Joseph Delaney, during the Second International Symposium of Irish Studies in Latin America.

Liliana has published the following books:

"Diez autores en busca de un lector" (‘Ten authors in search of a reader’), Carlos Pereiro Editor, 1987

"Mar Dulce" (‘Sweet Sea’), poems, Ocruxaves, 1988

"Del Gaucho y otras yerbas" ( ‘About Gaucho and other herbs’), Poems, Ocruxaves, 1991

"La otra palabra" (‘The other word’), selection of short stories from AVON contest, Editorial Biblos, 1988

"Cuentos de Hadas-Fairy Tales", Ocruxaves, 2000

"Por siempre Grecia" (‘Greece for ever’), poems, Ocruxaves, 2001

"Black 47",short stories, Ocruxaves, 2005

"Historias del Más Allá" ( ‘Stories from Farther on’), Ocruxaves, 2009

Also, Liliana has been included in:

"Un siglo de literatura sanfernandina" (‘A century of SF Literature’), dictionary of writers 1900-2004, by A. Murcho y H. Boulocq

"Todas las Artes, Todas" ( ‘All the Arts, all’): literature, painting, photography, music, painting, sculpture and engraving, by A.Murcho

"Textos escogidos de la Literatura Sanfernandina" (‘Selected texts from SF Literature’), short stories by A. Murcho y H. Boulocq

"Cuentos para niños" (‘Tales for children’), SADE Delta, 2011

Liliana has also been included in Anthologies of SADE Delta and the Circle of Writers of San Fernando during the years 2009, 2010, 2011

During 2011 Liliana has achieved the following honours:

Mention of Honour in the La Cultura del Amor Mil Milenios de Paz Digital Contest

Included in "Antologia Poetica Chile", Tomo I, of Poets of the World United for Peace

Prizes awarded to Liliana by her colleagues in the arts, include:

1988 "la Orden del Juglar", (‘the Order of the Bard’), by SADE Sectional Delta of Buenos Aires

2009 Prize to the Merit, by the Circle of Writers of San Fernando

2011 Designation as Distinguished Writer of the Institution



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