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***** Fictitious Narrative Account*******

Doyle, Loreta
1905 - 1998
Born Castlemaine,Victoria, Australia


This photograph was taken circa 1930 and show's the full time mother with her first two of 9 children, Brian and Mark.

Loreta Doyle was born December 9th, 1905 Loreta Connoly, the mother to more than her own 9 children, living in rural Australia she worked as would any farmer in those times. The fields and kitchen were her life. Hour after hour struggling and cooking for up to 15 at times to make life more bearable. She lived out her mature years in Sydney, staying at one of the homes of her 7 emigrated children, month to month. Even in Sydney her life was one of struggle, the experiences she endured made her wiser than any our family could ever imagine. At times we would be surprised by her intellect and character that seemed uncharacteristic for a farm woman who had spent all her time in the kitchen and in the fields.


She traveled to Sydney to visit her children when they had first immigrated and decided to stay with her family, her husband traveled also but refused to stay and returned to Castlemaine in 1965. They had been separated ever since. Upon the news of her husbands passing away in 1992 she had given up her struggle and herself passed away 30 days later, thousands of miles away.

She is survived by 7 daughters and 2 sons in Sydney, 16 grandchildren and an ever growing amount of great grandchildren. Please view the family tree link for details.

She is often thought of and very dearly missed. She is laid to rest in Holy Cross cemetery in Sydney, NSW, Australia.


O God, the Creator and
Redeemer of all the faithful,
grant to the soul of Thy
servant departed, the
remission of al sins, that,
through pious supplications
the pardon may be obtained
which has been always
desired. Who lives and
reignest with God the Father
in the unity of the Holy Ghost.
World without end.