If you are descended from Daniel Doyle and Anne Carbery of County Westmeath (1800s),
please contact your cousins in Argentina and Australia by E-mail ...

The Certificate of Irish Heritage


Certificate of Irish Heritage

Recently the Irish Government launched an initiative to honour those 70 million people abroad who claim Irish ancestry.  The certificate of Irish Heritage is a document which officially acknowledges your place among the great people of Ireland.

The Certificate is an official Irish Government initiative to recognise the continuing emotional attachment of the descendants of those who left Ireland’s shores to the land of their ancestors.


The Certificate recognises the enduring emotional ties and sense of identity bestowed by Irish ancestry

The Official Certificate A Must-Have For Anyone With Irish Roots

  • ·         Official Irish Government confirmation of your Irish roots
  • ·         Collectors’ piece for Irish people everywhere
  • ·         Quality product will take pride of place in any home or office
  • ·         An heirloom for the family to treasure
  • ·         The perfect gift for anyone with Irish heritage

Personalised official Certificates of Irish Heritage are scripted on the finest quality vellum and come in a variety of beautiful backgrounds to reflect our shared cultural experience.

The choices of 11″ X 14″ premium presentation pages include typical West of Ireland landscapes, sailing ships that evoke the waves of emigration from these shores and the intricacy of Celtic knots.

The title script of the Certificate was created by renowned Master Scribe Tim O’Neill. It complements the Colmcille fonts inspired by traditional Irish calligraphy, evocative of Ireland’s rich monastic heritage.

At the top of each Certificate, is a golden Harp – the official State symbol of Ireland.

Each design, which is available in Irish Gaelic, English and Spanish, can incorporate the recipient’s name and the names of two ancestors – including their county and year of birth (if known).


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