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"Second World War"  1939 - 1945

Operation Bulimba
Operation Bulimba by Ivor Hele

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Doyles Killed during the World War in the British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and Rhodesian Service

From the database of The British Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Second World War

66 Doyles Killed in American Service

(all these Doyle men have been posthumously awarded the U.S. Purple Heart Decoration)

Date killed Name Rank Unit State 
18 Jun 1945 Alexander Doyle Private U.S. Marine Corps Mass
08 Feb 1945 Andrew A. Doyle* 1st Lieut 396 Bomber Squadron NY

(*also awarded the Air Medal and an earlier Purple Heart)

15 Jul 1944 Arley A. Doyle Private 133rd Combat Engineers LA
10 Jun 1944 Arthur J. Doyle Private 8th Infantry Regt 4th Division MO
07 Dec 1941 Bernard V. Doyle* Seaman U.S. Navy NE

(*Pearl Harbour casualty)

08 Nov 1943 Cecil J. Doyle* Captain U.S. Marine Corps MN

(*also awarded the Navy Cross)

11 Jun 1944 Charles Doyle Coxswain U.S. Navy CA
11 Dec 1944 Charles A. Doyle Private 9th Infantry Bn 6th Armoured Div LO
08 May 1943 Charles F. Doyle Seaman U.S. Navy PA
03 Dec 1943 Charles S. Doyle Private 184th Infantry Regt 7th Division NY
20 Jul 1945 Clyde G. Doyle 1st Lieut. 397th Bomber Squadron CO
28 Feb 1945 Dennis J. Doyle* Private 345th Infantry Regt 87th Div NY

(* also awarded the Silver Star)

10 Aug 1943 Donald B. Doyle Seaman U.S. Navy Reserve MA
19 Feb 1945 Donald F. Doyle Sergeant 274th Infantry Regt 70th Division WI
12 Oct 1944 Donald J. Doyle* 1st Lieut. 422nd Night Fighter Squadron MN

(*also awarded the Air Medal three times)

25 Jun 1944 Edward F. Doyle Private 87th CLM Battalion CT
08  Oct 1944 Edward H. Doyle Jr. Private 1st Infantry Div ME
08 Nov 1942 Edward J. Doyle Lt. Colonel 168th Infantry Regt 34th Div CT
10 Apr 1945 Emerson E. Doyle Private U.S. Marine Corps CT
18 Feb 1945 Ephrom Doyle Private 610 Port Company TX
16 Sep 1945 Francis J. Doyle Private 634 Medical Company PA
11 June 1944 Frank E. Doyle Seaman U.S. Navy NY
20 Dec 1943 George B. Doyle* Tech/Sergeant 561 Bomber Squadron CA

(*also awarded the Air Medal twice)

25 Sep 1944 George C. Doyle Private 180th Infantry Regt 45th Div NJ
18 Dec 1944 George W. Doyle Seaman U.S.Navy AL
15 Mar 1945 Harold E. Doyle Sergeant 157th Infantry Regt 45th Div AR
09 Jan 1945 Henry J. Doyle Private 242nd Infantry Regt 42nd Div PA
11 May 1945 Herbert J. Doyle Seaman U.S. Navy Reserve OH
29 July 1944 Hugh P. Doyle Sergeant 195th Infantry Regt 29th Div PA
13 Sep 1943 Jack M.Doyle Corporal 64th Ord Am Company MI
24 Oct 1944 James A. Doyle Private 34th Pursuit Squadron  TX
18 Aug 1944 James E. Doyle* Private 169 Infantry Regt Tn

(*previously awarded Purple Heart in 1942)

28 Dec 1944 James P. Doyle Private 18th Infantry Regt 1st Div MA
31 Jul 1944 James Q. Doyle Lieutenant U.S. Navy MA
25 Oct 1944 James R. Doyle Seaman U.S. Navy Reserve MA
12 Nov 1944 James S. Doyle 2nd Lieut. 385th Field Artillery Bn CO
07 Apr 1945 James W. Doyle Private 382nd Infantry Regt 96th Div MN
01 Sep 1944 Jimmie Doyle* S/Sergeant 424 Bomber Squadron TX

(*also awarded the Air Medal)

19 Jun 1944 John B. Doyle* 2nd Lieut. 532 Bomber Squadron MI

(*also awarded the Air Medal twice)

16 Jan 1945 John C. Doyle Private 376th Infantry Regt 94th Div NY
26 Sep 1944 John F. Doyle Seaman U.S. Navy Reserve MA
09 Nov 1945 John W. Doyle Sergeant 3434th TAK Company IA
19 Nov 1944 Joseph A. Doyle Private 115th Infantry Regt 29th Div MA
28 Apr 1945 Joeseph A. Doyle Jr 1st Lieut 757th Bomber Squadron SC
13 Sep 1944 Joseph J. Doyle* 2nd Lieut. 359th Bomber Squadron NY

(* also awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Air Medal four times)

01 Jan 1945 Leo Doyle Sergeant 378th Infantry Regt 95th Div IL
10 Feb 1944 Leroy J. Doyle Private 504th Parachute Infantry Regt* PA

(* 82nd Airborne Division)

16 Jul 1945 Paul L. Doyle* Captain 493rd Bomber Group CA

(* also awarded the Bronze Star decoration)

27 Nov 1943 Raymond E. Doyle Sergeant Army Air Corps PA
26 Jul 1944 Raymond J. Doyle* 1st Lieut. 7th Tactical Recon Sqn NY

(* also awarded the Silver Star decoration, and the Air Medal nine times)

19 Jun 1944 Reginald F. Doyle Seaman U.S. Navy PA
02 Jun 1945 Richard H. Doyle Seaman U.S. Navy PA
29 Sep 1944 Robert A. Doyle Private 329th Infantry Regt 83rd Div OH
24 Nov 1944 Robert J. Doyle Corporal 634th TD Battalion MN
26 Oct 1945 Robert J. Doyle Seaman U.S. Navy MN
06 Nov 1945 Robert W. Doyle* Ensign U.S. Navy Reserve NY

(* also awarded the Navy Cross)

06 June 1944 Roderick Doyle* Flight Officer 88th Transport Squadron CA

(* also awarded the Air Medal)

29 Oct 1944 Theodore J. Doyle Seaman U.S. Navy MA
15 Jun 1944 Thomas J. Doyle Private U.S. Marine Corps IL
04 Aug 1944 Thomas S. Doyle Private 39th Infantry Regt 9th Div KS
11 Jan 1944 Thomas S. Doyle* Private 35th Infantry Regt 25th Div MI

(* also awarded the Bronze Star decoration)

07 Dec 1941 Wand B. Doyle* Coxswain U.S. Navy KY

(* Pearl Harbour Casualty)

27 Nov 1943 William A. Doyle Sergeant Army Air Corps KY
13 Nov 1942 William D. Doyle Seaman U.S. Navy MA
18 Dec 1944 William J. Doyle Private 23rd Infantry Regt 2nd Div PA
25 Dec 1944 Willis Wayne Doyle US Army 66th Infantry, Panther Division NA

Korea-Vietnam (cont) 

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