Irish & Celtic Festivals


Gaelic Roots

Garland County Celtic Festival

Celtic Harvest Festival Lughnassadh

Fairfield County Irish Festival

Celtic Celebration

Sebastopol Celtic Festival

Tucson Celtic Festival

Calaveras Celtic Faire

Werin' Of The Green Irish Festival

The Savannah Irish Festival

Celtic Irish Festival at River Run

Toledo Irish Festival

Potomac Celtic Fest

Pittsburgh Irish Festival

Celtic Heritage Festival Bedford Texas

North Texas Irish Festival

Celtic Festival Moscow

Monterey Celtic Festival

Milwaukee Irish Fest

The Great American Irish Fair

Inter Celtic Festival

Hebridean Celtic Festival

Great Lakes Irish Music Festival

Irish Music Festival in Muskegon

Gothenburg Irish Festival

Dublin Irish Festival

Greater Danbury Irish Festival

Copenhagen Irish Festival

Long Peaks Irish/Scottish Festival

Cleveland's Irish Cultural Festival

Celtic Nations Heritage Festival

The Celtic Gathering

Celtic Classic Festival

Celtic Connections

Celtic Colours International Festival

New Jersey Irish Festival

New Zealand St Patrick's Festival

The Vancouver St Patrick's Day Parade

Calavares Celtic Faire

East of the Hebridees

Wheeling Celtic Society

North Texas Irish Festival

Wearin of the Green Festival

Festival Interceltique de Lorient

Celtic Connections

Third Annual MidAmerica Celtic Festival and Scottish Games,

The Philadelphia Céilí Group's 26th Annual Festival

Brendan Kennelly Summer Festival, 9 - 12 August , 2001

Ballylongford International Oyster Festival, 21 - 23 September, 2001

Finnegan's Wake 2001 Irish Music and Punk Rock Festival

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Doyle History 
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1640's to the 1690's
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1690's to the 1790's
Doyle History 
1790's  to the 1850's
Doyle History 
1850's  to the 1880's
Doyle History 
 1880's to the1900's 
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 the 1900's to 1916 
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1940's  to today 

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The Normans Invade Ireland Cromwell Devastates Ireland The Jacobite War in
The Battle of the Boyne

"Wild Geese"
Irish Soldiers in Exile

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