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We welcome new members from around the world.

If your surname by birth, marriage or descent is Doyle or O’Doyle, you may claim O DubhGhaill/Doyle kinship; then you and your family are entitled to be Supporters, or Members, of the Clann O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle.

The purpose of the Clan is to give an opportunity to all those Doyles overseas and in Ireland to come together and share their culture, genealogy, and experiences in the homeland of their Doyle ancestors.

Membership of Clann O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle is by family. A husband or wife of a member, and all dependent children under the age of 18, are automatically members and are entitled to participate in all activities of the Clan.

You are cordially invited to join the Clann O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle (either as a Supporting Member, a Life Member, or as a Sponsor), and please tell any of your relatives and friends who you know that may share a similar interest. Anybody with Doyle, O’Doyle, Dowell or McDowell ancestry, or with any interest in the history of the Doyles is most welcome.

We would hope that at least one member from each Doyle household will take up membership of their Clan.

As a member of the Clann O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle, you will be participating in the future of your Clan.

 As you will no doubt understand, every Irish Clan is dependent for survival on its Members and Supporters, and subsists only on the income and generosity of its members and sponsors. Without the continued enthusiastic backing of a good many Doyles from all parts of the world, the Clann O DubhGhaill will wither and die.

For all those Doyles around the world wanting to claim a family connection with an active and prestigious Irish Clan organisation, subscription renewals and membership growth are of paramount importance. If you wish to be associated with an important Irish Clan Heritage Centre devoted to the history of the Doyle Clan; and if you wish to encourage the development of excellence in such important cultural activities as Irish Dancing, Irish singing, Irish Bagpipes, and Gaelic sports, then your active and continuing support for the Clann O DubhGhaill is crucial. (The Clann O DubhGhaill/Doyle  just cannot undertake all these most important activities without continuing support from a large and active membership.)

Never forget, the more "glory" there is to the Clan; then so it follows, the more "glory" there will be to its Members and Supporters.

For Supporters, Members, and Patrons of the Clann an interesting range of Clan O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle memorabilia & various accessories, all featuring the Clan Badge and/or the Doyle Tartan, are also available through the Clan Gift Shop. This range of Clann O DubhGhaill goods includes such diverse items as ties for the gentlemen and scarves for the ladies, to traditional Irish kilts for the gentlemen and pleated skirts (short and long) for the ladies; all in the official Clann O DubhGhaill Tartan.

Also available is a range of Celtic heritage clothing items to compliment the wearing of the Doyle Tartan. These include such things as the Caubeen (a well known green Celtic bonnet, the traditional ceremonial head wear of old Ireland, which is worn with the Clan Badge); and a range of Celtic kilt-jackets in Irish Tweed or dark green, to suit semi-formal day-time occasions as well as formal evening wear styles ... and much much more besides.

However, in order to ensure the exclusivity of these items, a list of the full range of O DubhGhaill/Doyle goods available may be obtained only by Supporting Members, Life Members, and Patrons of the Clan.

Supporting Members are Doyle clansfolk whose membership is from year to year, because they have subscribed for only one year’s membership.

Life Members are Doyle clansfolk who have paid for a lifetime membership subscription.

Full colour certificates in the traditional intricate Celtic style are available to Supporting Members, Life Members, and Patrons of the Clann O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle. (No doubt it will also be of considerable interest to Doyles to know that the Certificates available for the three categories of Clan membership are quite different in appearance.)

For Supporting Members the first year’s subscription fee is £15 for both Ireland & the U.K., and US$29 or Aust$38. This fee covers administration, the cost of Registration and the first year’s subscription. If you are paying by personal cheque from outside Australia, please add an extra £9 or US$15 to cover bank charges (we would advise the use of registered post when forwarding cash).

Supporters’ subscriptions are valid for one year.

Annual Subscription becomes due on 1st of January each year.

Subscribers to Clann O DubhGhaill / Clan Doyle will receive the following:

  • O DubhGhaill/Doyle Membership Certificate
  • Latest publication of "The Irish Viking" Newsletter
  • Subsequent O DubhGhaill/Doyle Newsletters

For Life Members the subscription is £99 for both Ireland & the U.K., and US$197 or Aust$289. If you are paying by personal cheque from outside Australia, please add £9 or US$15 to cover bank charges (we would advise the use of registered post when forwarding cash).

(The difference in the cost of subscriptions is due to the differing costs of postage, and the differing rates of currency exchange.)

The Clan Officer who can record you in the Clann O DubhGhaill Members Registry, and who will send you an Official Clann O DubhGhaill/Clan Doyle Member’s (or Supporter’s) Certificate is:-

The Clan Registrar, P.O. Box 173, Dromana Victoria 3936, Australia

Please tell other Doyle’s about us!

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